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APS Value Added Services (VAS):

Service Enablement Platform

Operation Support Systems & Service Enablement

Mobility VoIPZone

VoIPZone is a mobile app with its own PCRF and AAA enabled platform at the backend which makes Wi-Fi calling ubiquitous. the comparative advantages of VoIPZone are:

  • Usage in low or no mobile network coverage by extending Wi-Fi calling to all phones and also to all 3G/4G/5G and LTE mobile networks.

  • Free international roaming by enabling any smart phone user in making and receiving calls and text messages while roaming in anywhere at any guest mobile network.

Enterprise IoT - 5G
GIS location services ad engine capabilities to send advertisement broadcast messages based on your location at the city. 

Mobile Operator

  • CEA (Customer Experience Analytics) to increase the ARPU for SP's
  • Subscription Manager
  • Store Front (Self-care E2E)
  • Loyalty management
  • Churn Management
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